Join Virginians across the commonwealth in standing up for clean and healthy outdoor spaces.

Clean Places

Clean Places

Because Keeping Virginia Beautiful Matters

Tobacco products are most likely to end up as litter, which makes all outdoor spaces unattractive and expensive to clean.

Healthy Spaces

Healthy Spaces

Because There’s No Safe Amount of Secondhand Smoke or Vapor

Tobacco is one of the most common asthma triggers. Keeping our parks, beaches, and playgrounds free from secondhand smoke and vapor helps keep Virginian youth healthy.

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Clean and healthy outdoor places everyone can enjoy is what Virginians want. Check out the numbers to see why.

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125,000 VA youth have asthma, and children exposed to secondhand smoke are at risk for more severe and frequent asthma attacks.


40% of all littered items are tobacco products. Let’s all work to keep our environment litter-free.

Same Levels

Whether outside or inside, secondhand smoke can be the same anywhere smoking is allowed.

Diacetyl, Nickel, Lead, Benzene

E-cigs can emit harmful chemicals and heavy metals such as these.

Health Equity for All

Vape-free and tobacco-free outdoor spaces create new behavioral norms that promote health equity for all our communities.

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Across the commonwealth, people are showing their support. See why.